Written By Rick Fischer

January 2023

Let’s consider, when you tear a muscle, you don’t just go to the physiotherapist once and have it healed – you typically have several follow up sessions, just like is standard for the treatment of most conditions.  Yet, when it comes to copper toxicity, there’s this idea that simply taking some special supplement, or perhaps having a short 30 minute health consultation, is all that’s needed to solve and reverse one of the most complex and misunderstood conditions of our time!  If it were that simple, every doctor and health practitioner would easily be addressing this, and the decades of efforts by myself and the pioneers before me to bring this education to light would not have been necessary. You’d simply take the magic pill and be on your way.

There are many misconceptions about healing from copper toxicity, erroneous ideas that are even pushed in some of the biggest online support groups, and this just further adds to people’s confusion.  Addressing copper toxicity is not just about taking zinc (as I explain more fully here), nor is it about trying to rid the body of all copper!  I explain these various misconceptions and “challenges to healing” more on this page.

It is also not just about taking supplements. A properly tested and interpreted HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis) provides a solid foundation to guide your nutritional and detox support, especially because it also shows other toxic metals which may be playing a role as well.  The many benefits of HTMA vs blood for the purpose of understanding the body’s mineral and metal status are clear, as explained further on this page.  Targeted supplementation can be vitally important to more effectively address specific conditions or imbalances.  However, all the supplements in the world won’t do much good if a person continues to be exposed to a copper IUD, or if they haven’t made the appropriate dietary or lifestyle changes, if they expect someone else to “heal them” without owning and taking responsibility for their own healing, or if they’re stuck in a belief system in which they tell themselves they’re never going to heal.  Beliefs are powerful, and what people tell themselves is often what they end up manifesting.

Even as the founder of www.coppertoxic.com and as one of the world’s leading experts on copper toxicity, I am always reminding people that the issue is almost never just about copper.  For many it can be the catalyst that brings a person’s symptoms to light, but inevitably there are other imbalances going on too.  Is mold exposure a possibility, have they addressed that?  What about other toxic metals that might be releasing as they detox copper and then make them temporarily feel worse?  Are there any healthy habits the person knows they could be doing (if they’re being honest) but haven’t yet implemented?  Have they explored genetics and how impairments to detoxification including that of estrogens may be playing some role?  Have they addressed stressors in life, stressors which deplete minerals such as magnesium and zinc and in turn can lead to any number of symptoms now or down the road?  

There is so much to consider when addressing the health and deep healing of the body.  Like an onion, there are so many layers, and often it takes exploring into the deeper layers that we find the answers.  Many people don’t want to go there, and then complain and wonder why they’re not “healed”.  As most who’ve been through and healed from copper toxicity can attest to, the journey is often a long one, years for some, and yes it takes work and dedication – physically, mentally, spiritually.  But when a person does the work, aligns themselves energetically with healing, and understands how copper toxicity and corresponding mineral imbalances work, that is when people see real progress.

Your specific healing path will be unique to you, as will be your healing time-frame, as well as specific supplement or nutrient recommendations. There are so many different factors that affect how long it can take for a person to feel better, so comparing your time frame to someone else’s is irrelevant. Time frame comparison inevitably leads to unnecessary frustration or worry when your time frame ends up being either longer or shorter than someone else’s. Also, avoid falling for “one-size-fits-all” supplement suggestions. What someone else did or took might be irrelevant (even harmful) to the next person, because their situation, health history, and body chemistry is different from yours. Nor does everyone who suspects they have copper toxicity even have it, despite their symptoms. This again underscores the importance of proper testing and approaching your situation as an individual, eliminating the assumptions and guesswork so commonly seen online otherwise. The many decades of clinical experience and expert knowledge provided through the literature at www.coppertoxic.com/books has become drowned out in recent years by an endless stream of panic, opinion, assumptions, guesswork, and erroneous ‘one-size’ suggestions that have taken over certain social media groups.

For those looking for clarity on how to heal, I provide the full list of considerations that support the copper toxicity healing process at www.coppertoxic.com/healing.  Please begin there, along with all our other research, education, and support resources on this topic at www.coppertoxicitysupport.com – most of it all available for free.  

If you want to learn further, the online www.MineralMastery.com course has helped empower thousands of students take control of their health, in addition to providing fundamental training on copper toxicity to hundreds of practitioners who now address copper toxicity in their practices.  That education is invaluable, indeed for every human, and most of it not taught anywhere else.  You can also learn and find support from my colleague Kirby who suffered from CT her whole life until she became aware and embarked on her healing – her 90 Day Copper Toxicity Healing Program for women is available exclusively here.  If you’re stuck in some unserving belief system, or you can see a victim mentality potentially blocking you from taking ownership of your healing, my book ‘The Healing Workbook‘ provides various exercises to help you explore and work through those beliefs.   These considerations and resources are all part of what I include with those clients who work with me in depth (beyond “just doing an HTMA”).  There is so much support available to you here, for those who seek it.  

Some people are spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on testing and healing services out there, and yet I still get some of them landing in my office no better off.   You don’t need to spend thousands.  HTMA is an affordable test that doesn’t break the bank, and yet still provides a wealth of invaluable insight.  But again the HTMA by itself is just a starting point, one layer of the onion, and while some supplements are usually needed and certainly helpful, remember too that what you put in your body is only one part of the picture.  What you surround yourself with – your Environment, Exposures, Energies, Education, Beliefs – MUST also be looked at and equally addressed!  That is taking ownership of your health, and where healing begins.

About the Author:  As founder of www.coppertoxic.com, Rick Fischer is at the global forefront of advancing education and support for the epidemic of copper toxicity – through clinical practice, awareness campaigns, and international research projects.  Rick is also an advanced HTMA practitioner in clinical practice and through www.MineralsandHealth.com.  He is also the HTMA mentor/instructor behind many of today’s HTMA practitioners, dedicated to preserving the integrity of authentic HTMA, along with being the co-founder of the annual HTMA Virtual Summit.  Rick’s passion for increasing mineral-based health and nutritional awareness is furthered through www.MineralMastery.com, an eye-opening journey for both public and practitioners alike, and anyone wanting to improve and optimize their health with mineral-based health secrets rarely taught anywhere else.

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